Black or White


老屋既有格局配置不佳 調整場域位置 重塑新的玄關場域 入口處位於公共空間中段 安排玄關會破壞方正格局 因此我們嘗試 變更電視主牆位置 透過牆面做出場域區隔 利用色差及異材質的配搭 界定出類玄關空間 同步滿足入口區域的收納機能 原始空間樑位過低 隱藏於天花反而會增加壓迫感 引此我們反其而行 讓樑給露出 貼上木皮 使樑姿意遊走於空間 成為另一種特殊感受 房間格局也重新規劃 讓主臥室移置遠離公共空間 並增加更衣室機能
 風格 I 素材 I 色系 
我們想利用顏色的對比反差 凸顯場域界定外 也希望能運用對比碰撞出另一種 和諧的療癒感 讓深沉感受到理性 讓明亮感受到溫暖 透過天然肌理的木皮與木地板 更增添人文感受 
 < Spatial Presentation >
The residence originally had a poor layout. We rearranged the spaces and reshaped the foyer. The entrance is situated midway through the public space, so a foyer would break up the rectangular shape of the layout. We thus changed the location of the television and set up a television wall to divide the spaces. A foyer-like area that also provided storage space was created using differences in color and material. The ceiling beams in the residence were also quite low. Hiding them in a false ceiling would have made the spaces feel cramped, so we did the exact opposite by revealing them and adorning them with veneer. Their conspicuousness in the space became another unique feeling.
< Style | Material | Color System >
Aside from using contrasting colors to highlight the boundaries between spaces, we also aimed to use contrast and collision to create an alternative feeling of harmony and healing, a deep experience of rationality, and the perception of warmth from brightness, with an additional feeling of culture from the natural textures of the veneer and wooden floors.