Light Trajectory


此案為屋齡20年以上90 米平方的翻新設計案,在未來生活成員為1~2位的條件確認下將其改造成1+1房的獨身寓所,將閒置空間移除,進而創造流暢生活動線
開放廚房依窗而生 ,讓料理時有窗外景致增添調味

This case involved the renovation of 90-square-meter residence over 20 years old. With the number of future inhabitants projected to be one or two people, we altered the residence into a 1+1“bachelor pad” and opened up any idle space to create a smooth movement flow for everyday life. Starting from the entrance, we used overlapping space and different materials to separate the foyer from the living/dining room area but also ingeniously extends and enlarges the foyer. By utilizing the unique courtyard design of the building, we let in sunlight that turned the rest area into the most buffering and healing space in the residence. This softened the design of the television wall so that life is not confined by television. The open kitchen cozies up to a window, its view providing some extra seasoning in cooking. The simple master bedroom offers a colorful but unobtrusive starry sky at night. Following the trajectory of light, we can create a life with no restraints.