動靜 I 相形

〈空無〉 實在的景物清晰而虛空就顯露出來

〈神氣〉 實在的境界真實,神氣的境界因此產生

〈虛實〉 留白無加以綴飾的地方也能勾出幻妙境界

  我們想表達動靜相形雅致的 璞沃現代禪

We would like to express emptiness under the clear reality of vanity. Under the true state of reality a tranquil spirit is conjured.

Blank space without decoration brings forth a state of fantasy where one can imagine a living space suited for himself.

We focus on three main colors as the focal point and bases for the decor. Which are Jade White, China Red, and Lake Green. The space is designed with these elements in mind and adds to the atmosphere.

We incorporated elements of Tai Chi and their ideas to represent the start of fullness at the entrance hall. We also included the principle of Yin and Yang which is the concept of heaven.

We separate the entrance hall and the living room with walls and have lights extended in. Red silk lines are hung connecting both rooms to express a continuity of space. The lines also represent an embodiment of an elegant melody played by the strings of Zither.

The hallways are lined with paintings of art that embodies the concept of “Real when up close but abstract from afar”. These paintings decorate the walls and brings about a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere as you stroll pass them.

Lake Green was used as a base color to enhance and serve as a background. This alongside the other colors create an atmosphere of serenity and reflection.

From the entrance hall to the dining room wall. Exotic carps can be seen swimming leisurely and peacefully. They not only represent good fortune but also carries the meaning of a high position and great wealth.  

Equipped with modern style with touches of Chinese elements. The house truly expresses the pure modern zen in elegancy and action in tranquility.